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Coiffance Professionnel embodies French Expertise in Salon Professional Hair Care for over 40 years. We have the most current Hair Care Ingredient Innovation and our Inspiration arises from today’s hottest Hair Styling Fashion Trends. Which has made Coiffance Professionnel Hair Care a highly recognized Essential Luxury Hair Care Brand in France and many different Countries Worldwide.

Superior french expertise

40 Years of Knowledge in Luxury Hair Care Products

Plant-based active ingredients

Efficient Products Formulated for Complete Hair Care

Ambition and momentum

Ongoing Business Development and Unparalleled Expertise


Our Coiffance Hair Care Technology: Hair Cosmetics, delivers innovative technology creating ever more efficient beauty products based on precious Plant-based Active Ingredients that brings out your hair’s natural beauty, to guarantee you the best results every time for vibrancy and extremely radiant hair.

Coiffance Professionel Hair Care Shampoos and Conditioners contain no Parabens, Gluten or Silicones. All our Hair Care Products are always made with the highest respect for Nature.

Inpiration and fashion trends

Partnerships with Renowned French Hairstylists

Innovation and developpement

Ongoing Product Research Undertaken by Top Scientific Experts

Beautiful hair

Strength, Radiance and Refinement

Hair cosmetics

Our Research & Development Department continuously innovates and draws their inspiration from Plants with still unimagined properties to enhance your hair’s natural beauty.
Because each woman is unique, Coiffance Professionnel’s Hair Experts wanted to provide them with Made-to-Measure Solutions by developing a comprehensive range of hair care products designed around Five Fundamental Effects for Beautiful Hair.

Hair cosmetics: "The Energy and Strength of Plant-based Active Ingredients to enhance and preserve your hair’s beauty.
Your hair will look and feel perfect, subtle and the hair’s magnificence is revealed..."


For Dazzling Shine & Super Sparkle


Extreme UV Protection for Color-Treated Hair "Armor me Beautiful"


For the Most Desirable Hair to the Touch, Caress the Softness Evermore


Luxurious Repair, Fabulously Smoothed, Totally Elegant


Incredible Nourishment & Strengthening for Unforgettable Silky Hair


Coiffance Professionnel has created a Four Step Care Ritual:
Step 1 & 2 - To Regenerate & Cleanse
Step 3 & 4 - To Strengthen & Enhance

Each step of this unique system helps bring out your hair’s natural beauty. Both in Professional Hair Salons and for Home Care Maintenance, this unique Hair Care Routine is essential and guarantees remarkable hair.


Pre-Wash Treatment Elixir deeply regenerates, restructures sensitive or damaged hair and creates a "Bath of Oil" Experience. It activates and intensifies the next step so your hair is ready to be cleansed and renewed.


Apply a small amount of the preferred Shampoo directly over the rinsed out Pre-Wash Treatment Elixir. Gently massage on the scalp and throughout the rest of the hair. The super smooth lather, subtle fragrance gently cleanses and prepares your scalp and hair for the next step in appropriate care.


Choose from a Lightweight Leave-In Conditioning Spray, a Lightweight Moisturizing Conditioner or an Intense Conditioning Mask. Each different Conditioning Care Product exerts precise, targeted repair action for super strengthened and magnified hair.


Applied daily as the last phase, choose from the Leave-In Care Creme or Shine Elixir. Both products are delightfully scented, which subtly finalizes your Four Step Hair Care Ritual. Your hair now reveals its true beauty, strength and vibrancy throughout each strand of hair.


Coiffance Professionnel has reinvented the hair ritual by creating its new line of cosmetic styling agents designed to style and enhance hair while caring for it and protecting it.

With its innovative formulas, remarkable textures and subtle fragrances, this range made of 6 lines will put the finishing touches on all hairstyles and all inspirations. The Coiffance Professionnel hair experts wanted to revolutionize the world of styling agents thanks to new cosmetic excellence achieved through Silk proteins. Precious and unique, these are found in all of the products. They moisturize hair and restore its softness and shine, for a sublime, coated and light texture.

Coiffance Styling, cosmetic styling with Silk proteins
Sublime hair, a perfect style...


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